Inspired Artwork

In many schools art is taught so poorly in the younger years that most children feel totally incompetent by the time they reach grade three.  Only the few who have practiced more excel.  Often the 'talented' ones have parents who are particularly generous with materials and encouragement.  These children are called the 'talented artists' in the class.  The remainder of the class suffer from what is called a "crisis of confidence".  They stop practicing because nobody ever helped them learn how to trust their own perception and practice productively.


My father was a major reason I still draw. We didn't have much and I was pushing myself to do what I could. I was only 14 and I heard there was a class on saturday for art - so I took the commercial art class at the high school.  I was the only kid in there and it was awesome - I learned so much! It was a vocational rehabilitation class so I had alot of support from the adults in the class. My Dad bought me a set of Rapidograph pens and if know what they are - in the late 80s they were a couple hundred dollars. This was a huge moment in my life... it proved to me that he believed in me. I could have gone in a whole different direction without that moment. Thanks Dad!